Blackout Kit

Mini Slim Pickins
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IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT OPTION FOR YOUR KNIFE. If you order the wrong version, it WILL NOT fit on your knife.

There's definitely something cool about going all black everything. Designed to replace your existing pivot collars, backspacer, pocket clip and button, these parts are conditioned with durable PVD process at the micron level which is also highly anti-fingerprint.

Each kit comes with 2 Ti pivot collars, 1 Ti backspacer, 1 Ti pocketclip, and 1 SS button.

Please note that the replacement of the button may require a short breaking-in period.

Taking apart your knife without sufficient experience or training can be very dangerous to the finish of your knife. We do not bear any responsibility associated with disassembly and replacement of the parts. Please do so at your own risk. Additionally, please don't lose any screws or springs in the process as it could cause your knife to become inoperable. Due to the nature of this item, these are FINAL PURCHASE and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Non-Bolstered versions do not have scales on the handles. (ie. Grape Jelly, Gunmetal, Low-Key, Knight Rider, Full Dress)

Bolstered versions have scales on the handles. (ie. Copperhead, Heavy Metal, Half-Dress, Micarta)

Meet the Designer

Alliance Designs

Alliance Designs is a boutique knife company that collaborates with top custom knife designers to create premium production knives. Every once in a while, we will be inspired and create something of our own. With roots in the custom knife community, we use our insights to make something that fuses innovation with relevant features in our offerings. We hope you like it.