Ti Framelock w/ Milled Holes
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The Conquest is an Alliance Designs exclusive design by Ian Pickarski, where minimalism meets maximum performance. The M390 powdered steel blade from Damasteel provides high wear and corrosion resistance providing a super sharp edge right out of the box. The modified trailing point blade shape with a hollow grind provides excellent slicing capabilities.

From office to outdoors, the Conquest is ready to conquer wherever you take it.

Handle Type

Ti Framelock with Milled Holes

Meet the Designer

Ian Pickarski

Ian Pickarski is a full time knifemaker based in Harleysville PA. Drawn to design at a young age, he draws inspiration from the automotive sector, modern architecture, and funky doorknobs. He is well known in the custom knife community for the fluidity in his designs and his work with mother of pearl. Ian also has a sense of humor. If we had let him write his own bio, it would have been: 

Ian is a person. Ian likes knives. Ian makes knives. Ian designed this. We like Ian. Be like Ian.