Mini Slim Pickins

The Heavy Metal Edition
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The Mini Slim Pickins is the second in-house design to come from Alliance Designs. When we first set out to create the original Slim Pickins in 2018, our goal was to build a beautiful, well-made and functional folding knife that was also satisfying to fidget with. 

We believe that this latest reiteration still checks all those boxes, with an added dash of innovation. This bolstered version of the Mini is paired with 2 handsomely contoured slabs of blasted Zirconium and a brand new auxiliary detent which holds the blade in the closed position even while the buttonlock is depressed. This not only improves the action, but also reduces the chance of accidental deployment. Weighing in at an impressive 155 grams, this knife was not made to be delicate. This variant also features a Damasteel blade with a deep hollow grind.

Handle Type

Ti Buttonlock w/ Zirconium Accents

Meet the Designer

Alliance Designs

Alliance Designs is a boutique knife company that collaborates with top custom knife designers to create premium production knives. Every once in a while, we will be inspired and create something of our own. With roots in the custom knife community, we use our insights to make something that fuses innovation with relevant features in our offerings. We hope you like it.